A promise to return…

“Attachment aur pyaar badi kutti cheez hai na bhai….saala ye dard b kabhi saath chhod ke jaayega kya…chal chhod soja good night” (love and attachment are two worse things,,ain’t it brother… Will this pain ever leave us alone??.. Chuck…just sleep and rest…good night) he said with tears in his eye…it was 3.30 in morning…

He walked outta room when his mind was wandering about few years back…

He first smiled at her memories and cried at her absence….

Her absence carved hole in his heart…”I don’t know how you are doing.. I don’t know if u still think of me the way I think of you.. Do you still run to ua phone to ring me when ua happy… Do you miss me when you need a shoulder to cry… Do u still think ‘oh I wish you were here to see me now’…etcetera.. Etcetera…” A million questions ran through his mind..


He left her,,when situation required…years together back… For her well being… He promised her that he would return…she promised to wait for him…

It’s been few years after they departed… Still with every breath he thinks of her… He miss her talks,,her eyes,,her presence…. Tears rolled down with all her memories…

Just like every night he promised himself to return to her as soon as possible…


He scrolled through his phone and stopped at her picture…took a look, kept it close to his heart and slept with a hope that she still is waiting for him
And somewhere far away she did the same….


Time and distance separated them…but love kept them close together….

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