Unwinding memories…

A million memories fled through her mind as she started to flame their pictures..He wasn’t the love of her life… He never was the one she dreamt about.. He wasn’t something she wanted for her life… But he was her boyfriend.. He was the one she was in a “relationship” with… A wrong relationship

She couldn’t afford to loose her best friend at any cost… He was by her side when she had lost her mind…she owed him… She forced herself to tell “yes” when he went down on his knees… When deep down she knew this isn’t how it was suppose to b…

‘Faking smiles…showing off love which didn’t exist…care for him…trying to fit in box where she din belong…’ This is how her next one year passed…

But how long???

How long was this ‘Faking thing’ gonna last…?

This was time she was tired of ‘Faking herself… All he did was hurt her when she tried her best to keep him happy… With time his love was lost so did her patience… Everything that kept them together was gone… It was time she was suffocated,,,,suffocated by his behavior,,,,,,suffocated of faking… No more could she stand the pain…


It was time….

It was the time she had to choose herself… Time to get away and start all over again… She was too fragile to leave him…but she had to!

Picking up all her broken pieces…she walked away… She walked away with a million memories,,, a shattered heart,,,, n hell tears in her eyes…

And all he did was…see her walk away n do nothing to stop her…

Today…she see him happily live his life with a girl he found for himself n finally smile heartily…

Somewhere between holding on to one which was not her’s and faking…she lost her best friend…

With every photo catching flares… Her memory n trust turned into ashes….


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