love care and guilt..

They say putting you’re drunk friend to sleep is like putting a little child to sleep….their mumbling,,non stop talks,,fight to not fall asleep….ah! Quite a task!!

But what she had to go through was worse…it wasn’t some friend of her’s who was drunk… It was her best friend…her love of life..

Just a random day when he decides to get doped… “Let me see how well you’ll take care of me…” He said…”i trust u” he said before he was one bottle down..

When whole earth revolved around him..all he could speak was of her…he was high…and nothing but she was on his mind..she meant world to him…

Watering eyes..his loud laughter…kissing her forehead in public…letting world know he was happy because of person sitting next to him… Ah! Looking at this,, “Doesn’t he love me!??? Isn’t this love!????” Was all she could think!

“No m not doped…m sober now…I can take care of myself till home.. I swear on u”…” If u love me please let me handle myself till home…don’t come with me…go home…I beg you” he said n left…

Maybe she shouldn’t have let him go..maybe she should have gone till his home to drop him…

On his way he fell sick yet made it to home…safe n sound…

“I trusted u when I drank…i thought u would always be there for me by my side…u let me down… How could u let me go on my own…how could you do this to me.. I thought you loved me..everything u did,,,everything u said was a lie…i would trust anybody but you after this….”and the call ended…

All she could do was stare into darkness when her clock beeped 2am n cry…tears rolled down when her emotional barrier broke..she cursed herself a million times for letting him go on his own.. All she could think was “he deserves a better person than I am…”

She was worse thing ever happened to him,,,when he was the best part of her life…all that was left for her was guilt,helplessness and regret…

Somewhere between a little carelessness and alcohol… Two hearts broke…_20151210_023814


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